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SVS offers a wide range of sputtering equipment for production facilities. Each system is individually configured around the requirements of the end user. The systems take advantage of the latest technology.

Ion Beam

Ion Beam

Our range of Ion Beam Sputtering and Milling Systems range from R&D through to medium and large scale batch production units, incorporating the latest Ion Source designs and technology.
Electron Beam Evaporation

Electron Beam Evaporation

The e2000 production evaporation systems are individually configured around the end user's requirements. They take advantage of the latest technology, with a wide range of available options.

Scientific Vacuum Systems Limited

Why Choose SVS?

We are specialist manufacturers of sputtering, electron beam evaporation, ion beam milling and ion bean sputtering systems.

Evolving Markets
SVS provides innovative solutions to today’s constantly evolving markets.
Fully committed to supporting all of our customers and systems.
PVD Coating

Established in 1990


Scientific Vacuum Systems provides worldwide support.

Range of Companies

We have been providing Plasma Vapour Deposition Systems to a vast range of companies across the globe.

Strength in Design
Excellence, quality and reliability are the company's principal values.
Leaders in Emerging Technologies
SVS are committed to investing in research to develop processes to a commercial scale.
Sputtering System

Scientific Vacuum Systems Limited


The SVS product range is constantly evolving and the latest of these developments is the new range of Ion Beam Milling systems for both research and production. SVS still retains its commitment to provide a full range of spares, accessories and services to support all our customers and systems.
New Systems
From commissioning, servicing, upgrading and refurbishment of existing equipment to design an installation of new systems
The SVS product range is constantly evolving and work hard on providing innovative solutions to today’s constantly evolving markets
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