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Production Sputtering Systems

SVS offers a wide range of sputtering equipment for production facilities, so if you are looking for sputtering equipment or a sputtering machine system, we are experts with in-house designers and one of the leading UK sputtering systems manufacturers.
The V2000 series are offered in the following sputtering configurations: V2000 Side Sputter, V2400 Sputter down, V2600 Sputter up, V2800 Loadlock Inline sputter system, V2900 Large area Inline loadlock sputter system.

Whether you are looking for sputtering deposition, confocal sputtering or magnetron sputtering system, we’re experts, so call us now in developing and build bespoke systems.

Side Sputter
Sputter down
Sputter up
Loadlock Inline sputter system

Large area Inline loadlock sputter system

Available Options

Each sputtering system system is individually configured around the requirements of the end user.
The sputtering systems take advantage of the latest technology, with a wide range of available options:

Production Sputtering Machine System Manufacturers

Wet/Dry 1st stage pumping (application dependent)
Turbo or Cryo pumps for high vacuum stages
DC (straight & pulsed), RF Sputtering and co-deposition
Substrate heating/cooling

Sputtering Machine - multiple process gas-admittance system with Ion assisted deposition

High accuracy multiple process gas-admittance system
Ion assisted deposition
Substrate etch & bias (RF/DC)
Wide range of substrate sizes from 3-inch wafers to 1 metre square panels

Sputtering Equipment - Automated Load-lock entry systems. All systems are controlled by a PLC based Control System

Automated Loadlock entry systems
All systems are controlled by a PLC based Control System, via a built-in industrial PC or Human-Machine Interface (HMI)
Data logging of all major process parameters
All systems are clean room compatible.

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