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Confocal Sputtering

We are sputter coater experts and the SVS V6000 range of confocal sputtering systems for research mirrors the production range. Featuring the same quality of design and components the V6000 research coaters are ideal for single wafer processing for universities and research laboratories.
We are expert manufacturers of custom machines depositing thin films by sputtering for all manner of coating applications often described as sputtering deposition, confocal sputtering and magnetron Sputtering.
Many options are available for the V6000 confocal sputter systems including:
2, 3, 4 or 6-inch diameter confocal sputter magnetron target options
Deposition monitoring & control
Designed to process a single 6-inch wafer or smaller multiple wafers
Ion Beam milling & Ion assisted deposition
DC, DC pulse, HIPIMS and RF sputter power supply options
Sputter-up or sputter-down configuration

V6000 confocal sputter and magnetron sputtering systems:

Sputter coater with the confocal sputtering system with wet and dry roughing pump options and vacuum pumping options

V6000 confocal sputter systems:
Wet/dry roughing pump options from 20 to 110
Turbo/Cryo high vacuum pumping options from 400 ltrs.sec-1 to 2,200 ltrs.sec-1
Substrate rotation up to 50rpm
Glovebox connection options
Full CE marked

Magnetron Sputtering Deposition, the most aggressive deposition processes RF etch and biasing facility.

V6000 confocal sputter systems:
Substrate heating to 800°C or
Substrate cooling below 50°C during the most aggressive deposition processes
RF etch and biasing facility of substrate up to 600W including rotation, heating or cooling.
Baratron transducer pressure measurement of the process gas.

Magnetron Sputtering Confocal Systems with the V6000 confocal sputter systems that has multiple process gases for reactive deposition.

V6000 confocal sputter systems:
Multiple process gases for reactive deposition using positive shut-off mass flow controllers.
Up or downstream pressure control.
Full system automation with colour touch screen pc and PLC control.
Datalogging of all major process parameters
Loadlock entry system for single or multiple wafer processing.

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