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Electron Beam

Like the V2000 series production sputtering systems, the e2000 production evaporators are individually configured around the end user's requirements.

The e2000 systems take advantage of the latest technology, with a wide range of available options.
Electron Beam

Available Options

All systems are controlled by a PLC based Control System, via a built-in industrial PC or Human-Machine Interface (HMI).
Datalogging of all major process parameters
Substrate heating (up to 650°C)

Available Options

Single or multi-hearth e-beam guns (single up to 200cc capacity)
Substrate fixturing systems include planetary & rotary motion
Multi-boat thermal evaporation

Available Options

Deposition rate monitors & control systems
Substrate cleaning and Ion assisted deposition
Reactive gas admission
Cryo pumping or Turbopump & Polycold for fast pumpdown
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